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  • Zihan Zhang

    Zihan Zhang

    PhD students in NLP

  • Lilo Wagner

    Lilo Wagner

    Economist | Data Scientist

  • Mattbbiggs


    I’m a computational biologist working in industry. I create in order to understand.

  • Diego Manfre

    Diego Manfre

    I like to think, write and tell stories (not necessarily in that order). Beatles fan | Aspiring writer | Coca-cola drinker | Time machines chaser | Engineer |

  • Chaoyu Yang

    Chaoyu Yang

    Founder/CEO of BentoML, building open source MLOps platform for model serving https://github.com/bentoml

  • Arnaud M.

    Arnaud M.

    Professor in catastrophe risk analysis, prediction & management and machine learning practitioner — https://www.linkedin.com/in/amignan/

  • Enes Gokce

    Enes Gokce

    Data Scientist at Native, and Ph.D. student at Penn State University

  • Alex Molas

    Alex Molas

    Husband, father, physicist, and data scientist. In that order. Twitter: @MolasAlex

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