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  • Andrew Hershy

    Andrew Hershy


  • Amy Yang

    Amy Yang

    Operations analyst @ Zoomo | Data science student @UTS. Enthusiastic about data-driven insights and data science applications

  • Antoine Villatte

    Antoine Villatte

  • Theo Jaquenoud

    Theo Jaquenoud

    Electrical engineering student pursuing Master’s (May 2022) with a focus on computer engineering and machine learning | musician and gamer in rare free time

  • Christian Kruschel

    Christian Kruschel

  • Maja Pavlovic

    Maja Pavlovic

    Data Science & Deep Learning

  • Lydia Nemec

    Lydia Nemec

    I am a Lead Data Scientist with a background in computational physics, numerics and machine learning bridging the way from research to innovative solutions.

  • Brian Perron

    Brian Perron

    I’m a Professor of Social Work at the University of Michigan. I’ve also been up since 4am drinking coffee. https://www.linkedin.com/in/brian-perron-6465507/

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