Exploring Data Science

Exploring Data Science

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From “What is the most neglected advice for beginners?” to “What makes a great article?”

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1. What is the most neglected advice that you would give to beginners?

Take the time to find out if being a data scientist is really your dream job.

Studies show that most people feel disengaged at work. Data scientists are no exception. …

As I hear criticisms about how data science is unscientific, I would like to clarify what is science, and to show how data scientists can answers these common criticisms about their field.

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What is science?

Science is a quest to reach good explanations about the world. As David Deutsch pointed out in his book, The Beginning of Infinity, a good explanation is clear, precise and hard to vary.

What is data science?

Data science is a new scientific field that thrives to extract meaning from data and improve understanding. It represents an evolution from other analytical areas such as statistics, data analysis, BI and so on.

Ludovic Benistant

Editor and curator at Towards Data Science

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